Any and all questions regarding the process of projects or services will be listed here. If you do you not see what you are looking for, please head to the Contact page and fill out the form, or you can email me at bmarruffo@gmail.com

Initial Consultation: This is where we will talk and go over exactly what you project entails. During this process the timeline of the project as well as cost will be discussed.

Pricing: I prefer to not have a pricing list for services and rather “quote” per project that comes through. Even if you are only needing one t-shirt, its hard to put an exact price due to the variables of design, print location(s), and color(s). Pricing will be mentioned upfront before starting any project.

  • Quote: Depending on your project, it may require a quote. When you receive this quote, it will advise that price is subject to change. This could be due to many factors, if this is required you will receive a follow up quote to advise of a pricing change before project is started. Before the start of any project, pricing will be confirmed as well as possible payment arrangements.

  • Invoice: If you have a project that is spread over time, you may receive an invoice. Also depending on your project this could be set at specific points in a timeline, or a monthly invoice. All invoices will provide services, balances, and any information regarding the project at hand. Contact information will also be provided on these invoices should you have any questions or concerns.

Proofs: In almost all projects which artwork is being created, you will see multiple proofs that are watermarked. This is to show you what your idea or project will look like. In almost all instances, there will be free revisions and updated to artwork. You will be notified during the Initual Consultation phase is this is not the case.

Continued Work: Various items could fall in this status including but not limited to

  • Screen Printing
  • Artwork Process
  • Coding & Page Compositions

Final Delivery: This is a great moment for both me and you! Its the delivery of your final project. This could be anything from a completed t-shirt order, to a fully completed website. We will go over everything to ensure everything was completed as requested! It is possible a payment may be required before services will be rendered, this will also be discussed at the this time!