Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a process that dates back to 1910 in which the Chinese used photosensitive chemicals mixed with a glue-like or gelatin substance to block part of a stretched silk mesh as a sort of stencil. Ink is then pushed through the open parts of that mesh to print on to a medium such as fabric or paper. Although the science and materials have come a long way in the last 100+ years, the overall process is very similar. Your image is color separated and then printed onto a transparency film to create a stencil for each color. Each color is then printed over one another to recreate your original image.

You can see how branding and design work could totally go hand in hand with screen printing. In all instances, a proof is sent over to a client with their logo/custom artwork so they can see how their finish project will look.

Some of the best moments are when clients and customers receive their apparel! I do not stop designing or proofing until clients are happy! Check out some completed work!