A Little About Me

My name is Bob and I am a graphic/web designer located in Northern Illinois. I truly enjoy the craft of designing all forms of media. I have over 15+ years experience creating artwork for both web and print. I currently am a Front Facing Developer for an agency located in the city, and also have various side hustles going on. I’m heavily influenced by vintage typography, retro characters, pin striping, 90s music and graffiti.

Also I have the cutest pooch in the 815… Follow him on Insta here.

Some may call them

Side Hustles

I’m just out here doing work. Check below on descriptions of my most common side hustles

Printing up custom and fresh designs on premium quality apparel. Custom apparel, merch, whatever you want to call it

Graphics for web and print, and everything in between – literally anything you can think of can be brought to life!

Experience in multiple e-commerce platforms as well as being able to develop custom HTML/CSS

Streaming all the goodies with an amazing community always makes for a great time!