Hello Friends!

November has just hit and before you know it, Christmas will be here. I typically get busy during this time and wanted to get the word out before its too late on Christmas gifts.

With it being a little over 7 weeks away, availability on any type of Christmas gift is definitely here! You can message me at this link here, or through any of the socials.

Keep in mind that gifts are not just limited to apparel items. Various artwork pieces could also be created as well. Let your imagination run wild!

Since the last blog…

Been pretty busy! Various custom screen print orders, athletic wear and web site requests have occupied my time, as well as streaming on Twitch. Also since then theres been quite a bit that has come out regarding Chicago sports. Bears, meh… Blackhawks smh, but Da Bulls??? Its always fun when Da Bulls are relevant.

Will keep this blog sweet and to the point. I apologize for not blogging often, will try to get back into the swing of this routine. I will definitely advise of availability in regards to orders!

Until next time! Be good, or be good at it!