Christmas Gifts 2021

Hello Friends!

November has just hit and before you know it, Christmas will be here. I typically get busy during this time and wanted to get the word out before its too late on Christmas gifts.

With it being a little over 7 weeks away, availability on any type of Christmas gift is definitely here! You can message me at this link here, or through any of the socials.

Keep in mind that gifts are not just limited to apparel items. Various artwork pieces could also be created as well. Let your imagination run wild!

Since the last blog…

Been pretty busy! Various custom screen print orders, athletic wear and web site requests have occupied my time, as well as streaming on Twitch. Also since then theres been quite a bit that has come out regarding Chicago sports. Bears, meh… Blackhawks smh, but Da Bulls??? Its always fun when Da Bulls are relevant.

Will keep this blog sweet and to the point. I apologize for not blogging often, will try to get back into the swing of this routine. I will definitely advise of availability in regards to orders!

Until next time! Be good, or be good at it!



Fun and Exciting Post on a Gloomy October Day

Happy Monday! Major takeaways from this blog

  • Screen print offer extended through October – order 25 shirts, receive 5 free! Find the requirements and link for this here
  • Bears beat the Lions – WHY?
  • Cubs season is over – thank Gold
  • Stuff over at Twitch is awesome!

Shameless Plug Time!

This was the most recent design done on stream over at Twitch! If you’re not on Twitch, what are you waiting for! Such an amazing platform with a lot of amazing, cool peeps.

Keep Going was inspired by a post from a friend on Facebook, used it along with inspiration from chat, and this was the final result. So excited and happy with this design!

Chicago Sportsball Stuff

Lets go ahead and jump right into this. CANT BELIEVE THE BEARS WON YESTERDAY. Everything that I read was – “If the Bears lose, Matt Nagy gets fired Monday..” So of course we win, and of course Justin Fields looks like who we thought he was. An amazing athlete and an incredible arm. I’m excited to see what he does, but c’mon… Nagy has to be gone after this season.

In baseball news..? I don’t know 😐 I’ve been a terrible Cubs fan, after the dismantling of the core, it’s just been kinda hard to follow. Excited that Rizzo, Bryant, Schwarber and Lester are in the playoffs. Yay for them and yay for the season being over.

Other Random Thoughts

Things over at the stream are going great! Looking to stream Monday / Wednesday / Friday and Sunday this upcoming week. Get on Twitch and catch the vibe, its such a great time! Be looking out for some more merch offerings for friends of the stream! Very excited on this gloomy fall morning.

Wishing nothing but the best for you all that are reading this blog! I appreciate your time and hope that you all kick this week’s ass! Lets get it!


aka: Bork / BobDoesWork / Bob-O


Screen Print Offer Extended Through October

Great News!

Especially if you’re in need of some Custom Apparel or Branded items. I am continuing the offer of:

Order 25 -shirts and receive 5 additional free!

This will be continued throughout the month of October, and really probably as long as I’m screen printing if I’m being honest.

Also, here are a few of the requirements below, just so we’re all on the same page:


Random Thoughts This Monday Morning

Random Thoughts This Monday Morning

Hello friends!

This blog was going to start just like the others – its Monday morning, and the main thing that was on my mind was that terrible Bears loss (that I did not have to endure, thank you Comcast). I am listening to The Score on Audacy and hearing how upset people are getting over the game. It literally was like my body, my soul, was absorbing this negativity. Literally had to turn it off.

When I realized that I wanted to start blogging on the site, I had the intentions of sharing various work that was going on, promoting the stream and/or friends that have awesome things going on, not bitch about how bad the Bears are, or that the Cubs just lost 3 in a row to the Cardinals in their final home games. Times are bleak as a Chicago sports fan.

If you have been feeling some kind of way about the state of the Bears – or Chicago sports in general do yourself a favor and proudly order/wear this shirt!

I also wanted to give Verifacts, LLC and Pub 225 shout outs for your recent orders! I appreciate your business soooo much!

After a Sunday like we had, the week can only get better, right? Wishing everybody a great week! Dont forget to check the stream on Twitch Monday, Wednesday and Friday over at


Mondays.. :\

Ayooo Happy Monday Friends!

Happy Monday Friends! How are we doing today?

Hope this post finds you well and happy – as much as you can be for a Monday, right?

For us Bears fans, its just like every other Monday LOL 😀 😀 Hope many of you didnt suffer through the whole Sunday night game, as it was just like every other Bears game – sort of a dud. Not gonna lie, I only watched midway through the second quarter and started streaming on Twitch by the way, check me out Monday / Wednesday and probably Friday – oh and at least one day during the weekend. Also, soooo happy that I didn’t allow myself to endure that complete failure of a game.

During Sunday’s stream, instead of playing a variety of games we did some design work and I was able to come up with at 4-5 different shirts and mock ups. During the process we came up with this design:

You can click the title and head over for more details! I have a feeling that this season is going to be longgggggggg! 😀 😀 😀

Ayo soooo.. this blog was to hope that everybody is doing well, dont forget the peep me out on Twitch and if you’re interested… peep that shirt! I have another informative blog coming this week so if you’re interested in web design (loll) you’ll definitely want to peep that.

Appreciate you all sooo much! Will holler later!



Screen Printing Offer 9/9/21

Hey Friends 🙂

Do you or someone you know have a need for some custom printed apparel? Do you possibly have an event coming up that you would love to have shirts done for? Well… this is me writing a blog to let all you awesome people know what the biz is!

For every 25 shirts ordered – receive 5 free shirts! Just make sure you take note of the requirements below:

  • Same print required on ALL shirts
  • Can mix and match sizes – possibly colors (of shirt – not print)
  • Offer is good through the month of September – ending 9/30/21
  • Holler at your homie!

Lots of different shirt options available! Colors and Quantities – Inquire soon!

Also.. be on the lookout for changes to the merch store as well as other projects soon to be announced!

Like how I dropped that teaser there? Until next time!


Tuesday 8-31-21

Hello Friends-

If you’re able to see this.. please send me a message on Facebook and let me know. I’m dating this as this is the first blog I’ve ever wrote. I have attempted to do this time and time again, but because WORDS ARE HARD – I legit will type and then erase, then retype and… well, its a vicious cycle.

Since the last attempt at a blog -which was probably 9+ months ago, a lot has changed. I started streaming on Twitch on a regular consistent basis. It definitely has not helped the whole WORDS IS HARD thing, in fact my wife Leah -who also streams on Twitch as well as has her own podcast, makes fact of me and really wonders how and why people watch. LMAO there’s times I often wonder the same thing.

I feel like since then I’ve been able to vocalize things easier, and although I may not know all my words.. I think I’m getting better?

Oh shit.. by the way, My name is Bob and I do work. However you got here, I seriously appreciate it. And hopefully you continue to come back!

I do have goals and will continue to blog on various things – whether is diving into my feelings, maybe discussing a cool design project, or sharing music playlists… I have things I would like to share.

Lets see what the future of all this will hold..