Burning out:

Hello! First off – thank you so much for hitting any of the links that brought you to this blog. For the last year, I have been wanting to blog but just never got around to it. I told myself that I would have time and that I would get to it.. and what ended up happening was me taking an extensive time away from my site as well as social media. IT WAS AMAZING LOL!

I am here now with a refreshed mind set. Looking back a year ago – I was about three months into a new job, I was streaming on Twitch pretty regularly and all felt right (as much as it could be). While fully immersing myself in my new job, I strayed away from the Side Hustle and it completely fell to the side. There was a point where I hadn’t designed anything in about six months… thats literally insane to me. It literally didn’t hit me until last week that I realized – I was just burnt out.

While I spent so much time fully immersing myself in a new environment with new colleagues (new job) and continuing growing our Discord – I completely removed myself from Facebook and with that, the main avenue in which local customers and clients would reach me. Add that with the fact that I failed to renew my domain it rendered it impossible to reach me, unless you had my phone number. And even then if you’re name and number were not saved in my phone, I’m not answering.

Back to this burn-out thing. I pride myself on enjoying my craft. Creating artwork that will be either printed in some sort of fashion, or placed on the interwebs is literally my bread and butter. I will say this: when you are a one-man show, you have nobody else to pick up the weight and carry it. I was attempting to too much and trying to cram it in a short amount of time.

At one point, I was literally (not in this order and also leaving PLENTY OUT):

  • Creating artwork
  • Creating a mock up of the artwork on apparel
  • Getting transparencies ready for burn on screens
  • Screens have to be ready for artwork to be burnt in them
  • Burn screens
  • Align them on a print press
  • Print
  • Ship
  • Post product on the site
  • Stream on Twitch to push product

This was what I thought I had to do. I thought that if I was sharing my artwork on stream, I could push my site and product. I never expected the site to be beaten down with orders, by any means. I enjoyed doing this, right??

Being a one-man show, I prided myself on saving money (since I was the only one truly doing everything) I thought that I would maximize earnings.

Boy was I wrong…

What ended up happening was, I ended up retreating in a hole for many, many months.

Not too long ago I cut my hair.. it was something I had wanted to do for some time. I took a picture and posted on Instagram, totally forgetting that my Insta was linked to my Facebook. My wife was at work when all this happened and told me she was getting contacted left and right. I WAS SO CONFUSED..? I was literally shocked by the people that had responded and reached out LOL! I felt the love again.

Shortly after this, I was contacted to do some light web work for a client.. I continually checked my domain and by the luck of Chino Moreno – I searched and found my domain was released by the broker.

I’m trying my hardest to get everything back together, I have the tools set up before I took my hiatus to really assist me with making things easier. I may be looking around for some extra help as well.

My plan was never to just fall off the face of the earth for as long as I did.. I will take all of this as a learning opportunity. But hey, look.. I’m here again! And this time, I have blogs and content lined up for quite some time!

I am looking forward to sharing my work with all you wonderful people, as well as promoting my clients and friends to all of my capabilities. Most importantly, I do realize that being a one-man show has its downfalls, but at the end of the day – I will not set myself up for failure.

Until next blog!





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