Ayooo Happy Monday Friends!

Happy Monday Friends! How are we doing today?

Hope this post finds you well and happy – as much as you can be for a Monday, right?

For us Bears fans, its just like every other Monday LOL 😀 😀 Hope many of you didnt suffer through the whole Sunday night game, as it was just like every other Bears game – sort of a dud. Not gonna lie, I only watched midway through the second quarter and started streaming on Twitch by the way, check me out Monday / Wednesday and probably Friday – oh and at least one day during the weekend. Also, soooo happy that I didn’t allow myself to endure that complete failure of a game.

During Sunday’s stream, instead of playing a variety of games we did some design work and I was able to come up with at 4-5 different shirts and mock ups. During the process we came up with this design:

You can click the title and head over for more details! I have a feeling that this season is going to be longgggggggg! 😀 😀 😀

Ayo soooo.. this blog was to hope that everybody is doing well, dont forget the peep me out on Twitch and if you’re interested… peep that shirt! I have another informative blog coming this week so if you’re interested in web design (loll) you’ll definitely want to peep that.

Appreciate you all sooo much! Will holler later!