Happy Monday Friends!

I hope everybody had a great weekend! It was truly beautiful here in Northern Illinois – its the time of year where you can leave your windows open and the breeze is so refreshing.

I am currently working on couple of projects that I am excited to share in time and was contacted by a homie about screenprinting some shirts. Very excited about this!

I also was very excited about Da Bears game ?. There was so much excitement and optimism going into this season – we had the #1 pick, we had the most available money to spend on free agents, this is year two of Justin Fields with Eberflus.. if for some reason you didnt see the game I’m assuming you can figure out how the game went.

I was talking to my buddy Martian in Discord last night and if I told you how the last 9 Bears games vs the Packers have gone it literally would have discribed yesterday’s game to a T. It’s the first game of the season and I really am not trying to overreact – it did take Fields a few weeks to really get going. I just struggle with the fact that: YOU’RE PLAYING YOUR LONGEST/BIGGEST RIVAL – ITS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA – HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT GO OUT THERE AND MAKE A STATEMENT

Anyways… Cubbies? ?

Cubs had an amazing week last week and have struggled just a little bit. It was great to see their bats come alive and Hendricks looked like Hendricks and the bullpen had a good day. Thank goodness, we still are holding a wildcard spot.

I hope everybody has a great week! I believe a design blog may be coming some time in the next few days – also been thinking about going live on Twitch in the next day or two as well!




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