Random Thoughts This Monday Morning

Hello friends!

This blog was going to start just like the others – its Monday morning, and the main thing that was on my mind was that terrible Bears loss (that I did not have to endure, thank you Comcast). I am listening to The Score on Audacy and hearing how upset people are getting over the game. It literally was like my body, my soul, was absorbing this negativity. Literally had to turn it off.

When I realized that I wanted to start blogging on the site, I had the intentions of sharing various work that was going on, promoting the stream and/or friends that have awesome things going on, not bitch about how bad the Bears are, or that the Cubs just lost 3 in a row to the Cardinals in their final home games. Times are bleak as a Chicago sports fan.

If you have been feeling some kind of way about the state of the Bears – or Chicago sports in general do yourself a favor and proudly order/wear this shirt!

I also wanted to give Verifacts, LLC and Pub 225 shout outs for your recent orders! I appreciate your business soooo much!

After a Sunday like we had, the week can only get better, right? Wishing everybody a great week! Dont forget to check the stream on Twitch Monday, Wednesday and Friday over at twitch.tv/bobdoeswork