Hello Friends-

If you’re able to see this.. please send me a message on Facebook and let me know. I’m dating this as this is the first blog I’ve ever wrote. I have attempted to do this time and time again, but because WORDS ARE HARD – I legit will type and then erase, then retype and… well, its a vicious cycle.

Since the last attempt at a blog -which was probably 9+ months ago, a lot has changed. I started streaming on Twitch on a regular consistent basis. It definitely has not helped the whole WORDS IS HARD thing, in fact my wife Leah -who also streams on Twitch as well as has her own podcast, makes fact of me and really wonders how and why people watch. LMAO there’s times I often wonder the same thing.

I feel like since then I’ve been able to vocalize things easier, and although I may not know all my words.. I think I’m getting better?

Oh shit.. by the way, My name is Bob and I do work. However you got here, I seriously appreciate it. And hopefully you continue to come back!

I do have goals and will continue to blog on various things – whether is diving into my feelings, maybe discussing a cool design project, or sharing music playlists… I have things I would like to share.

Lets see what the future of all this will hold..